Jessica McNalley – April Runner of the Month

This month’s runner of the month is Jessica McNalley.

1.What inspires you to run?

I’m inspired by the many gifts running gives you in return for your work. I have learned that running clears my head and heart from many trials and I have made so many amazing friends. I recently heard that at a race many are suffering and being challenged to the same degree even though their paces may be very different. We all push and suffer and come out the other end better and I love that we can share those feelings with elite athletes even if we are not elite ourselves.

2. When did you start running?

I like to think I started in elementary school when our PE coach made us run timed miles a few times a year. I was a short chubby kid that came in 3rd or 4th of the class and I was the first girl. I can still name the boys who beat me! I ran cross country in middle school after a friend told me about it and I was hooked.

3. Favorite post-race meal?

Cheeseburger and beer.

4. Favorite race.

Boston was such an awesome but overwhelming experience. I had the most fun at Grandma’s.

5. Best advice to new runner.

Don’t compare yourself to others and look for small improvements. You get better and faster just by getting out there consistently.

6. One fun fact about you… Running fact:

I love to follow a plan and check the boxes and I have always loved training more than the race itself. Non-running: Some say I’m a talker…. 🙂
Walkers walk but runners fly!! Hope to see you guys out there soon!

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