Tim Leeth – May Runner of the Month


It’s gonna be May runner is Tim Leeth.

What inspires you to run?

Depends on the day.  Having a goal, and putting in the work to get there.  The accomplishments of the amazing people that I have been able to meet.  Keeps me out of the bar/casino/club/etc.  Excuse to eat the double burger and have an extra beer.  Pretty sure cheaper than a therapist.     

When did you start running?

Seem to have a vivid memory of a 400m “dash” during field day in 5th or 6th grade.  Ran cross-country and track in Jr. High and High School.  400 & 800 in track & relays, 7th guy on the cross-country team.  Did not run after high school for 6-7 years.  Started back more consistently around 2008.  First marathon 2013.

Favorite post-race meal?

Yes, please.    Burgers, tater tots, pizza, barbeque, whatever the locals recommend, IPAs

Favorite race?

No way to pick a single race.  For me, it is more about some amazing people that I have had the privilege to share some great experiences.  In no particular, order Capt’n Karl’s Night Trail Runs, Texas Independence Relay (especially the year with 4 teams!), of course Rocky Raccoon, anything with Team Hoyt Texas (Crape Myrtle (first), Dallas Half, etc)  Palo Duro, Chicago, New Orleans, OKC, Rockledge Rumble…

Need to mention two other races that are at the top of the list for different reasons.  Run the Mill and Trails & Tacos.  Thanks so much for everyone’s continued support of the Dan Crum Memorial Scholarship endowment.

Best advice to a new runner?

When increasing mileage, take your time.  Easiest way to get hurt is to run too far too soon.  Also, most of these events are “Races”, not “Runs”.  Walking/hiking can be extremely beneficial.

How did you find out about MRC?

Noticed the water jugs scattered around the area while house hunting during the relocation process.

One fun fact about you…

Brush with greatness.  A teammate of mine (going back to 3rd/4th grade flag football) went on to win the Heisman Trophy, National Championship, NFL defensive rookie of the year, Super Bowl champion, Pro Bowl 9 times, defensive player of the year, inducted into the Hall of Fame. Ask me when you get a chance, plenty of stories to share.

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