Matthew Robinson – June Runner of the Month

What inspires you to run?
Running inspires me on many different levels.  I enjoy the physical benefits running provides me.  At 48, being able to run the paces I run and accomplishing marathon PR’s inspires me.   Most of all, running with my MRC training friends.  To be able to run with very accomplished runners is inspiring to me.  They continually push and motivate  me to be better.

When did you start running?
I started running when I was 42 to trim up.  As my mileage slowly built up, my focus switched from weight loss to running for fun.  After my first half marathon, I was hooked.  My competitive side came out, and getting faster became my goal.

Favorite post-race meal?
I really don’t like eating after a race.  I run races pretty hard and usually have no appetite for 4-6 hours after a race.  I usually try to force down a Hammer Strength Recoverite, Hammer Strength Tissue Rejuvenator, and a protein shake.

Favorite race.
My favorite race was the Fort Worth Marathon in 2020 where I qualified for Boston for the first time at 3:11:20.  It was special to have my family and training partners there to cheer me on.  It was my 3rd round of marathon training before I accomplished my goal.  On my first attempt, I was injured 2 months into training.  On the second attempt, the marathon was canceled during my taper due to COVID.

Best advice to new runner.
YOU’RE NEVER TOO OLD TO START!  Take it slow and run/walk at a pace where it’s enjoyable. Definitely stretch and strength train to stay strong and keep flexible, avoiding issues down the road.  All runners have issues pop up.  When they do pop up, don’t ignore them and ask for advice.  It’s natural to have good and bad days.

One fun fact about you…
I really don’t like exercising or waking up in the morning. 😂

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