Michele Montgomery – August Runner of the Month

1. What inspires you to run?

Running has always provided me with a sense of escape from the day to day stress. I get in my zone and am able to set my worries aside. It’s actually my preferred way to relax and catch up with friends..  I love being a part of MRC and appreciate the accountability, enjoy the camaraderie and friendships.

My current situation has put me on the sidelines for a while.  In the last 2 years, I had been struggling with hip pain and didn’t actually know how bad it was until I had a visit with an orthopedic surgeon who explained I had severe arthritis in my right hip.  I thought “Oh no, not me, I am too young. I will most certainly be crawling into his office before I get a replacement”. Well, after a year of my hip pain increasing and my ability to run and without pain decreased,  I knew it was time.  Let me tell you, getting a joint replacement of any kind is not for the faint of heart.  I am so appreciative of the ability to walk without pain and a limp. I will continue to work to build my strength and hopefully will be able to find a new path of running while not compromising my joints.

2. When did you start running?
I was 45 years old when I signed up for my first Run On training class in Coppell. The goal for this class was to run in the Dallas Rock and Roll Half. `

3. Favorite post-race meal?
Bloody Mary (Especially in the summer and if you have bacon in it, it can be a meal!)

4. Favorite race.
The Marine Corps Marathon was my favorite. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate freedom than by running through the streets of our nation’s capital to honor soldiers who fought for us. It was an amazing experience to be a part of the celebration of pride and patriotism that I experienced during this race. I loved my training crew and had a great destination race.  There is a portion of the race called the Blue Mile.  Every step honored the service and sacrifice of the American military. The blue Mile consists of Faces of the Fallen posters with a photograph and name of each fallen military member. It literally took my breath away with emotion as I witnessed row after row of lost soldiers.

5. Best advice to new runners.
Try not to be hard on yourself and don’t compare yourself with others. Also, remember that the ability to run is a gift.  Be sure to listen to what your body is telling you. There is no shame in taking a break to heal.

6. One fun fact about you…
Not only do I get around by foot, but I love riding my road bike and E-Bike. I love discovering the trails in North DFW with my husband.

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