Kristal Fortner – June Runner of the Month

1. What inspires you to run?
This would be a ‘who’ question for me 🙂 I actually started running because of Eric, obviously!! He got really into training and racing and I just thought I may as well try it too! Also-I’m not a super competitive person normally, but I am with one person, and that would be Eric. I’m full-on admitting it. I tell him all the time, I could totally do Leadville, I just don’t want to. I need my sleep!!! All kidding aside, Eric is my biggest cheerleader and has been since 1999:) and I owe all of my running success to him!!

And I am also always inspired by my favorite running friends-Melissa and Leanne!! They are my motivation to get up super early, my personal advisors for any and all distressing life situations, my constant source of discussion while running (Leanne), my push to do better and get faster (like Melissa), and my overall Best Friends!!!

2. When did you start running?
I can’t remember exactly but it’s probably been about 6 years.

3. Favorite post-race meal?
I’m not a huge food fan, but I do love all Mexican food! In fact, my family hates me because if we eat out, I only want to eat Mexican food and they are so tired of Mesa’s;)

4. Favorite race.
My favorite race by far was the NYC Marathon!! I’d do it again for sure. Eric put my name and his in the lottery and we both got in at the same time. Running through all the different boroughs and seeing all those people was so exhilarating!!!! I also really enjoyed the weekend there! We had so much fun and I really hope Eric and I can run that one again one day!!

5. Best advice to new runners.
One day at a time. And you can hate running, I do at least every other week, but it really is the best way to burn calories, drink wine AND and get to hang out with some of your best friends! Just stick with it-it’s always worth it when it’s over!!

6. One fun fact about you…
I can’t believe I’m admitting this!! My 1st full marathon I actually thought I might die; like throwing up and all!! It was the New Orleans Rock n Roll and it was sooooo hot. I did finish though. I had no idea you could DNF!!! No one had ever told me that and I thought it was one way in, one way out. I should have totally DNFed!!!!

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