Leslie Cunningham – March Runner of the Month

1. What inspires you to run?

The joy of it; the boost to my physical and mental health; my appreciation for Title IX, which has given my daughter and granddaughters opportunities I never had.

2. When did you start running?
When I was 2 !  But officially, when I was 39, at the time the first Azalea Run came to Tyler, TX.  We got the whole family involved.

3. Favorite post-race meal?
Breakfast tacos.

4. Favorite race.
Longview monthly club runs in the 1990s. Every course and location and distance was different; members volunteered to host and set them up; some were on roads and some were through the piney woods out in the middle of nowhere.

5. Best advice to new runner.
Start slow and easy; alternate jogging and walking; you will improve way faster than you think! Come to the social runs where people will welcome you and you will have fun.

6. One fun fact about you…
I spent my middle school years in Damascus, Syria, where I was the only girl on my school’s soccer team. Our opponents did not realize that I was a girl!

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