Patty Bockenfeld – December Runner of the Month


Okie dokie, here’s my Top 5 & fun fact

1: What inspires me to run
Potential Zombie apocalypse; you just need to be faster than slowest person around you. But after that, I find inspiration all around me from daily things like being a role model for my grand daughter to knowing my physical pain pales in comparison to the pain of others to a simple Garmin run challenge from a friend to raising funds for a charity to destination races to keeping healthy or to camaraderie. Just living life

2: When did I start running
In 2008 After tearing my ACL, MCL, PCL & meniscus playing soccer. Part of my rehab was to be able to run a figure eight smoothly and pain free. Once I accomplished that I could return to play soccer. Unfortunately after a few years, with all the cutting and quick stops, it was too much strain on my knee to continue to play competitively . But I could still run. In 2012 I registered for a local 5k, won Female Masters and realized I had found my next passion. It’s the only trophy I’ve won but it sits out displayed as a reminder to fight through adversity. (Yes- I actually used to be fast, lol)

3: Favorite post-race meal
I don’t have a set must-have meal just whatever food or restaurant the area I’m visiting is known for. However I MUST have a bubbly adult beverage

4: Favorite race
I’ve run 21 marathons since 2016 (including virtuals of 2020) & prior to my 21st marathon I would have said Dopey. Its 4 races, 5k, 10k, half marathon & marathon run over 4 consecutive days. But my 21st marathon, Boston Marathon eclipsed Dopey

5: Best advice to new runners 
Never compare your running and yourself to others, just do you. Also, never eat anything new on race course no matter how much your brain says to you during “it’s cool, just do it!”

6: Fun fact(s) about me
I coached youth soccer for over 10 years, played on an adult league and am a foster to abandoned street dogs & puppies

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