John Gerald Sefcik – October Runner of the Month


1. What inspires you to run?

Like many runners, I run for the health benefits. Running as a sport offers stress release, positive outlook on life, enjoyment of the outdoors and camaraderie of the running family. My hope is that I will be able to continue running until I can’t walk anymore.


2. When did you start running?

I was never a runner. I hated running. In the ‘90s I went to work for a group that ran at lunch. I ran with them for a few years. Didn’t really enjoy it, but I always felt good afterwards. Then around 2010, my son was getting ready to graduate high school and I started to stress about whether he was truly ready for college. At the same time, our contracts at work were ending and we started laying people off, so there was that stress as well. So I decided to go back to running for quiet, meditation and prayer time. I remember my first run (after about 8 years away from running). I couldn’t make it all the way around the half mile track at work. But I started and that’s what it took.


3. Favorite post-race meal?

After my marathons, I love a great big juicy hamburger (loaded), fries and a cold beer!


4. Favorite race.

This is a hard question, a lot of really good races.  Favorite Half Marathons – DRC, Cowtown, BCS and Outlaw (Luckenbach, TX). Favorite Marathon – Marine Corps Marathon. Other Favorites – TIR and Big Bend.


5. Best advice to new runner.

Never say never. There is nothing you can’t do with good training, and a support group (running club family)!


6. One fun fact about you…

I don’t know what that would be. Maybe this…. I had my first car accident before I was in the first grade. My grandfather came to our house one evening and parked his truck in the driveway (which ran alongside the house up to the barn in the back) and left it running. While he was in the house, I climbed up into the truck, grabbed the steering wheel and started acting like I was driving. Evidently, I somehow knocked it out of Park and it rolled down the drive and right into the barn. I don’t think I was tall enough to see above the dash to know what had happened. But that’s a true story.

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