Jenny Little – September Runner of the Month

1. What inspires you to run?

I really love to exercise. I mean REALLY. I find that running moves me to a new level of exercise. Not only does it challenge my body, it challenges my mind (especially on those fast runs, or those long ones). I also love the community aspect of running with my friends. It is the best time to have conversations that go in all kinds of directions, and it’s also nice to suffer together.

2. When did you start running?

I started running officially in 2010. I decided to train for Whiterock 1/2 marathon. I always HATED running before that. I had a friend that was training for a marathon and I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be cool if I, someone who HATES running, could run a marathon one day?” lol. 11 years later and double digit marathons under my belt and some ultras, here I am. Still running.

3. Favorite post-race meal?

My favorite post long run snack is Turkey and cheese pinwheels from Kroger. My favorite post race big meal is definitely Mexican food and a Dos XX’s.

4. Favorite race.

By far my favorite race is Michigan 100 miler because it was my first 100 miler. My most fun/enjoyable race was Route 66 Marathon in Oklahoma (biggest party ever!).

5. Best advice to new runner.

My advice to new runners is take it one step at a time. Don’t look at the big picture. Embrace intervals (especially in the summer). Know that your body is capable of doing so much more than your mind thinks it can. One step, one minute, one mile at a time. It is ok to walk. As Rochelle and I would say while we were doing 3:1 intervals training for our first Ultra (Palo Duro 50K), “3 minutes at a time…unless there’s a hill.” SET GOALS!!!!! The utter joy and satisfaction you will have in yourself once you have achieved whatever goal you set for yourself will outweigh ANY of the suck your endure while training to meet that goal. Just Run.

6. One fun fact about you…

I was a skydiving instructor for 10 years before I started running. 🙂

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