Gigi Smith – February Runner of the Month

This month’s runner of the month is Gigi Smith.

1.What inspires you to run?

I love being able to set goals and work toward accomplishing them. Running allows me to set physical goals for myself. Knowing I can accomplish those goals keeps me motivated!  

2. When did you start running?

 I started running  5 years ago. I tried the Couch to 5K app several times and never made it through the app. I found running in groups to be way more fun. I joined MRC shortly after that.

3. Favorite post-race meal?

 A big juicy burger and ice-cold beer.

4. Favorite race.

 Chicago Marathon 

5. Best advice to new runner.

 Stick with it! Be consistent and most importantly have fun! 

6. One fun fact about you…

 I’ve been to Africa twice.


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