Running with Joy – January Runner of the Month

Come join MRC for a Run with Joy.

1. What inspires you to run?

Love, love the feeling afterwards, working through problems while running, setting/accomplishing goals, being outdoors, etc. – – all enriching outcomes.  However, probably the best description of me is the one I read about New Orleans runners……. “so we can eat & drink more”.

2. When did you start running?

Consistently –  in my mid-20’s; a couple of friends and I took a “wife challenge” at Maxwell AFB for the most miles run in set timeframe.  We (our base) won, and I continued “jogging” from then on, doing 5 & 10Ks.  However, I did not run my first marathon, or anything longer than ~8 miles, until 52.

3. Favorite post-race meal?

Oh, I changed this answer multiple times.  I am usually very hungry afterwards and have never had a post-race meal that I didn’t enjoy!

4. Favorite race.

I have a different perspective.  In 2017 when I was getting ready for surgeries on both feet, I tried to prepare myself for no more distance running.  In the 5 months leading up to surgery time, I had run Chicago, Dallas, & Cowtown marathons.  However, thinking back over the previous years, I realized that it was all of the training runs that I really remembered & missed……. Weekday 0500 runs with Jake, my Lab; Saturday long runs with groups, ahhh the talk & camaraderie; the runs diligently woven into work travel (the Olympic Park in Barcelona, my “secret garden” discovery of a long running path through a city neighborhood in Wiesbaden, running path along the river in Santiago, PEI, etc).  This was re-enforced to me again in 2020.

 I would never had done the majority of these runs if not needing the mileage for an upcoming marathon, the incentive/the carrot on the stick. Sooo, all the marathons that I did run (even the 3 I didn’t get to run) are my Favs.

5. Best advice to a new runner.

I will pass on the advice given in my first marathon training group; meeting #1.  Over time it has proven to be absolutely correct.

  • The hardest part of any run is getting out of the door (leaving the house).
  • Keep a good perspective and be courteous.    {Actually:  “Does anyone here think they are going to win the marathon?   If not, lose the attitude.   If so, you are likely with the wrong group.”}


  • Enjoy your runs.
  • Learn to pace without your watch.

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