Jim Busse

Jim Busse is 55 and joined MRC in 2013. He has been a very active member in the club, organizing events and helping fellow members enjoy the sport as much as he does. Here are Jim’s responses to our Q@A.

How many years have you been running?

Jim1Off and on for 35 years, the last 25 years consistently. Co-worker Harry Pang had finished three Houston Marathons. During his training for 1993, he told me yet again that I could run a marathon. I gave in and committed to running the 1994 Houston Marathon. The training and little did I know that my running career started in earnest on 10 Nov 1992. 23,109 miles and counting later, still finding ways to make it interesting.

What was your first race?  1994 Houston Marathon

What is your most recent race? Houston Marathon, Urban Ultra 50K , Isle Du Bois 55k in December, Palo Duro 50k in October

What is your favorite race?

Beer Mile. Didn’t have to drive, didn’t have to wake up early, plenty of MRC friends, beer, quarter mile, beer, quarter mile, beer… a guy opened his beer can with his
head (not good), quarter mile… sprinting past walkers and feeling invincible, beer, quarter mile… finished in under 40 minutes! More beer. Enough said.

Why do you run?

For several reasons in no particular order…

  • Wellness: The feeling of well-being that I get after I have worked up a good sweat.
  • Genealogy: Both sets of grandparents and my father had heart trouble or strokes.
  • Friendship: For 19 years I was pretty much a solo runner or ran with Harry at work. In 2011 things changed. Over the next several years after that I began running with others, especially on weekly ‘beer runs’ in Katy. Then moving to McKinney,  I began running long distances with the club members. I have made an untold number of close family-like bonds on those many long runs. I am a better person for it.
  • Sharing: Feeling privileged when newer runners ask about my experience or that I am there when someone needs help finishing up their run.
  • Expanding horizons: Bringing events to the club that I enjoyed before moving to McKinney like TIR or trail running with Tejas Trails/Captain Karls.
  • Learning: Listening to other runners and trying new things to make my running more enjoyable. Change is good.


What is your favorite story/memory concerning running?

This is definitely 2016 TIR (Texas Independence Relay). At the start when all 4 teams began running together in a blue wave from under the big Texas flag in Gonzales. Turning the first corner looking back and seeing all of the smiles and wonder. Running with Dan as Wendell held up his phone for him to see. Making the huge tunnel. Running when the sun went down and then again when it was on its way up. Whip. Running the finish, always inspiring. Hugging Will and getting misty, again (it happens every year). Wendell prompting me to get an extra finishers medal for Dan and then giving it to Dan.

What’s next?

I am currently training for Rocky Raccoon 100 mile in Huntsville State Park on the first weekend of February. This is undoubtedly the hardest physical thing I have ever trained to do. The run is solo however there is a support team to help get through it and keep you focused…  It is a certainty that I will depend on them more than I know. Not sure what to expect however I am looking forward to the challenge.


Editors note:

Jim finished the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile ultra in Huntsville State Park. Congratulations Jim! He is seen here with the highly coveted buckle and pacers; Tim Leeth and Eric Fortner.

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