New or Returning Running Program


McKinney Running Club offers a running program for new or returning runners to the sport of running.  If you can’t run, but want to run, we will start easy at a pace you can achieve. We will begin with slow walk/run intervals with mostly walking. As your physical conditioning improves, you will gradually run more than walk. The goal is for you to run the whole way up to 6 miles so you  can join other runners in our club who run at your pace.

Running is a way of life and can be an intense form of exercise. Oddly enough, runners also find it relaxing, enjoyable and very sociable.  For new runners, it can seem an impossible goal to run far while enjoying it. And it will be unless you are willing to do whatever it takes to run. It’s hot in Texas, so this means getting up really early and running almost every day of the week.

The running program is led by coach Mark, a Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) certified coach. If you are truly committed, Mark and others at MRC  will match your determination and make it happen and help you become a runner!


We will meet individually or as a group on Saturday mornings. There may be other opportunities to run (or do run/walk intervals) with club members during the week. Times will be posted in advance.

Before starting any exercise activity, please consult your doctor.

Registration fees go to the Daniel S. Crum Scholarship Fund. The program includes an individual running assessment, setting a goal for your training and a tailored training plan to attain your goals and become a runner.




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