On Monday April 18, 2016 I realized a dream of mine, running the Boston Marathon.  26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Copley Square was a tough journey, but a journey that had me smiling so BIG for 26.2 miles!

It was a sunny, beautiful day to join 30,000 runners on a “long run” into Boston.  The course was challenging, but not in a sense that I wanted to quit or grumble “why am I doing this?”  The allure of the Boston Marathon is just that… WILL cross that finish line!  I hit a speed bump at mile 21 with severe leg cramps that kept me from even walking, but I was going to cross that finish line!


Words cannot even begin to encompass the energy that surrounds this race.  The spectators are nothing short of amazing and they really do line the course for 26.2 miles.  They cheer and call out your name, bib#, or in my case “stripes” (since I was wearing a striped tank) with such sincerity you really do believe they care.  The most important spectators for me were my Husband, boys (Noah and Boston), Mom, Dad and Best Girlfriend that greeted me at mile 26.  They all had a part in my journey to Boston.

As I turned onto Boylston, the feeling is unimaginable!  The sight of the finish line in the distance, the sounds of the spectators roaring, and tears falling from my eyes I don’t ever want to forget.  When I toed the line in Hopkinton I thought “this is my turn, my only turn” to run the Boston Marathon.  I thought I would be good running once, but the allure is still there, and I want to go back!!

I now know why the Boston Marathon is the greatest marathon in the world and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to experience a part of history~

💛💙💛💙Amber #15326



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